Women's Health and Talent in the Digital Age

Women Evolution was born with the purpose of creating transformative experiences to strengthen the leadership of professional women, from a holistic approach to health, emotional well-being, digital empowerment and networking.

Their mission is to evolve women towards a greater self-knowledge of their talent and resilience in a new post Covid-19 business, professional and social context in which health and emotional balance are essential pillars for the exercise of conscious leadership. 

Its value proposition at the Congress “Women's Health and Talent in the Digital Age” at CaixaForum Madrid is aimed at female managers, businesswomen, professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Their content offer is designed with the best panel of renowned experts in the fields of medicine, science, networking, business and technology.

“WE” Women Evolution presents a creative and more agile formula in the organization of congresses, through a unique combination of valuable content, in hybrid format, face-to-face and online.

At Opinno we support diversity in the workplace. We encourage complementary leadership and we are aware of the importance and benefits of gender synergy in leadership teams.

“Leadership and networking for women” is the name of the roundtable moderated by Irene Martín, Strategy and Business Architecture Director – Opinno. How does networking in the Spanish business ecosystem look like in an era where digitalization is at the center? These are the experts guests invited to the session:

The event will present a hybrid format, with a capacity of 150 people in presencial (Caixa Forum, Madrid) and unlimited places in digital.

Schedule a slot in your agenda for June 30th. Registrations for sign up will open soon, stay tuned!

Start date
06/30/2021 7:00 am
End date
30/06/2021 11:30 am
Terms and Conditions
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