Women Evolution Madrid 2022

Women Evolution was born with the purpose of creating transformative experiences to strengthen the leadership of professional women, from a holistic approach to health, emotional well-being, digital empowerment and networking.

Its mission is to evolve women towards a greater self-knowledge of their talent and resilience in a new post Coovid-19 business, professional and social context in which health and emotional balance are essential pillars for the exercise of conscious leadership. 

The value proposition formulated at the Congress “Disruptive Leadership and Professional Networks” at CaixaForum Madrid is aimed at professional women, managers, businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

They will have the collaboration of Opinno, a company with values that place women at the center of their business and innovation strategies. 

Irene Martín, director of strategy and cultural transformation at Opinno, will present the “We leadership awards”. These are the categories: 

– Woman referent in the Law sector
– Woman referent in the Media sector
– Woman referent in the field of Medicine/Hospital Management
– Woman Researcher in Science/Stem
– Young female entrepreneur / Innovation Startup

We look forward to seeing you!

Start date
06/01/2022 6:30 am
End date
01/06/2022 12:30 pm
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