Women Evolution Barcelona

“Retos de la mujer del Siglo XXI en salud, liderazgo e innovación tecnológica”

From a holistic vision, the overall goal is to empower women through a process of transformation, connecting their inner power and emotions to the skills and competencies to strengthen their leadership in all areas of their personal and professional lives.

The idea that Women Evolution conveys is the “Evolution” of women towards a higher state of self-knowledge, self-management and self-control of their own personal and professional lives in a transformational journey towards their realization as a person, social subject and professional leadership.

The Women Evolution Congress, 2022 edition “Challenges of 21st century women in health, leadership and technological innovation” is aimed at female managers, businesswomen, professionals and entrepreneurs. They have the collaboration of brands with values that place women at the center of their business and innovation strategies, as is the case of Opinno.

Its content offer is designed by the best panel of renowned specialists in the medical field, science, business and the transformation of talent as the great capital of organizations.

“WE” Women Evolution presents a creative and more agile formula in the organization of congresses, through a unique combination of valuable content and technology.

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Start date
10/06/2022 8:30 am
End date
06/10/2022 6:15 pm
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