Wobi on strategy: Michael Porter's legacy in a unique event


Led by Professor Michael Porter, one of the most legendary figures in the world of management and competitiveness, WOBI on Strategy is a unique opportunity to learn directly from the father of modern business strategy. During this 100% digital event, Professor Porter will draw on his more than four decades of work in the field to reveal how to think strategy, what it takes to compete in a volatile marketplace and the impact of the digital transformation on the strategic and competitive landscape, equipping you to be able to ensure the future vitality and prosperity of your organization.


The world's leading authority on Competitive Strategy.

Widely recognized as the father of modern business strategy, Dr. Michael E. Porter is a renowned economist and one of the world's most legendary thinkers on management and competitiveness. Throughout his career at Harvard Business School, Porter has applied economic theory and strategy concepts to many of the most challenging problems facing companies, economies, and societies, including market competition and business strategy, economic development, the environment, and health care.

His first book, Competitive Strategy, has continued to define the field of modern strategy since its publication in 1980. Fortune magazine states that Porter has “influenced more executives – and more nations – than any other business professor in the world.

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Start date
11/03/2020 4:00 pm
End date
05/11/2020 6:00 pm
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