The Employee Experience Equation

One of the 10 trends we saw in the report we published of the 10 post-covid trends was the hyper-customization of the customer experience. Most companies are already aware that business depends on an excellent customer experience. However, until now not all companies have focused on investing in an excellent employee experience and today it is crucial.

The current pandemic has catapulted us a few years forward into the digital age, in areas of telework and personal-labor flexibility among others, but we must reflect… how much of this has come to stay? What are we doing as a company to systematize all these lessons and advances?

This is why, on this occasion, from Opinno we will share this webinar where we intend to review some of the main trends and challenges that determine the ideal equation of the Employee Experience; Purpose + Immediacy + Collaboration + Health & Wellness + Ecosystem + many other important things to consider in order to identify how people are living their life cycle as collaborators and how we can re-design the employee experience of companies and we will do it together with leading companies in their sectors that will come to share some of their learning. Furthermore, they will not come alone, but will be accompanied by some of their collaborators, because… How could we talk about employee experience without the employee?

Expert Guest:

  • Eva Astorga, Digital Talent Leader at Mahou San Miguel 
  • Elke Jorens, Head of Talent Acquisition EMEA at Microsoft
  • Andrés Ortega, Head of Employee Experience at ING Spain & Portugal
  • Mireia Vidal, Human Resources Director at L'Oreal Spain, Country HRD


The event will take place through the link to the Zoom platform that you will receive in your email once you register.

Start date
10/29/2020 4:30 pm
End date
29/10/2020 5:45 pm
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