Tech Lead Week

This #TECHLEADweek is specially focused on junior and senior software developers or engineers, and first-time managers, like tech leads or engineering managers.

If you already lead tech teams, it could be a great opportunity for them to develop some key skills, whether they follow the management path or they keep as individual contributors. In general, software professionals that aspire to leadership roles or want to develop future leaders in their team will get the most out of this training.

What will you learn?

The training will have four main blocks:

  1.  Discover the critical skills you need to become a successful tech lead, how to develop them, and take advantage of the huge opportunity.
  2. Know the framework that highest-performing teams apply.
  3. Find out the best practices to put the Tech Leadership career Framework in practice.
  4. Plug n’ play with mentors and live the tech leadership experience. 

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Start date
09/27/2021 4:00 pm
End date
30/09/2021 6:00 pm
Terms and Conditions
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