South Summit Madrid 2022

10 Years Building Ecosystem – building bridges, making connections, building the most valuable network; now together we must decode our future, navigating the complexity of the world we live in.

We can unleash unlimited opportunities by decoding a complex world focusing on the intersections of industries & technology.

We live in an ever more interconnected world where the impact of our interdependence is felt more and more. The pace of change has continued to accelerate, and we advance at dizzying speed. The interconnected nature of our world has made everything more complex as the creation and access to information expands almost exponentially.


Trends, technologies, and even industries have become transversal creating layer after layer of richness, depth, and opportunity. Complexity is hard, but it is also beautiful, and forms the basis for almost unlimited opportunity. Sustainable and inclusive products and services that help us navigate this complexity and harness its power will thrive, exposing the tools and solutions we have to hand that will help us construct this next chapter. Connections help us to navigate this complex world. Let’s explore the intersections of technology, trends, and industry. Embrace complexity. Leave no one behind. The intersection is where the magic happens.

Let’s decode our next opportunity!

Start date
06/08/2022 7:00 am
End date
10/06/2022 4:00 pm
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