SingularityU Spain Summit 2020

The SingularityU Spain Summit is a 2-day conference where more than 1,000 executives, entrepreneurs, CxOs gather to continue the dialogue about exponential technologies and their impact on business and our everyday lives that we started in 2019. The second edition revolves around the theme “Design the Future, Build the Future, Be the Future”: the summit will give you the tools and knowledge you need, but also the mindset to go from being a linear leader to an exponential one. 20+ speakers, international experts and certified SU Faculty, reunited to guide us in a journey towards the executive education one needs in 2020. After going through the technologies and how they affect key sectors (Digital Biology, Future of Food, Nanotech, AI, Future of Energy…), we will discover how to “Be the Future” with a talk on Exponential Leadership.

Among the speakers:

Jaya Baloo: Chief Information Security Officer of KPN in the Netherlands, Jaya is the director of information security.

Nadine Bongaerts: Nadine is a synthetic biologist and passionate about designing life through genetic engineering. She is also actively bridging the world of science with the business and society.

Amin Toufani: Amin is the CEO of T Labs. He was formerly the director of strategy and Vice President of Strategic Relations at Singularity University. He brings a unique set of technological, entrepreneurial and policy perspectives to the dialogue of innovation on campus.

Nicola Palmarini: Nicola is the Director of UK's National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA). He holds a decade of experience in research on supporting older adults’ autonomy and independence

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Start date
09/21/2020 12:00 am
End date
22/09/2020 12:00 am
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