Reclycing for a sustainable development: the Italian proposal

WETEX and Dubai Solar Show are the perfect platforms to display the latest technological advancements and discuss the latest #trends related to energy, water conservation, saving natural resources and building a sustainable environment.

Over the last decade the recycling rate of municipal waste in Italy increased from 31% (2010) to 51.3%. The Innovation Talk intends to offer a focus on Italian innovations.

A roundtable between Italian and prominent Emirati stakeholders will discuss sustainability issues and environmental and economic impacts of the most advanced technologies.

Antonio Perdichizzi, CEO at Opinno Italy, will talk about “The impact of innovation and startups on climate change and SDG’s” next October 7th

Start date
10/07/2021 1:00 pm
End date
07/10/2021 4:00 pm
Terms and Conditions
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