Leading tomorrow, the new normal

We present a new edition of “Leading Tomorrow” in the #OpinnoTalks sessions.

Being closer and closer to the new normality, we must analyze what we have experienced in order not to waste all the lessons we have lived these months due to the covid-19 pandemic. The seriousness of the situation shows that, when all this ends definitively, the world will not be the same as it was before we were confined. And, although we don't know what that world will be like, we have tools to try and predict it. It is easy to see that people will rediscover the importance of health and freedom, of being able to give and hug, of spending time with family, of playing with children and adults again, and of being well informed.

Expert Guest:

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Start date
09/23/2020 3:30 pm
End date
23/09/2020 5:30 pm
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