Leading a Sustainable Future: Keys for Senior Management

The concepts of future and sustainability go hand in hand: one cannot be understood without the other.

Companies, as the cornerstone of the socioeconomic fabric, must take up the challenge of identifying their opportunities, risks and costs in this area in order to move towards more sustainable production. The pandemic resulting from COVID-19 has influenced this process and the pace of transformation. Has it been a catalyst for sustainability?

Opinions vary, but what is clear is that sustainability in business is here to stay. Increasing sensitivity to these issues, and the demands of society, investors and legislation themselves, make it an essential element.

At the event “Leading a Sustainable Future” we will analyze the visions gathered in thereport of senior executives on the application of ESGcriteria (environmental, social and governance) to provide an overview of the state of the art of sustainability in companies.


The event will be in digital format and free of charge.

We are waiting for you!

Start date
04/28/2022 3:30 pm
End date
28/04/2022 5:00 pm
Terms and Conditions
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