Innovate like Amazon with the Working Backwards Mechanism

Innovation is the heart of Amazon. We regularly disrupt ourselves – and through AWS platform, many startups to become industry unicorns and reinvent their markets, think of Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, all running on AWS.

As we have grown, we have tried to ensure innovation continues to thrive at Amazon. We obsess over our customers and work backwards from their needs, think big and long term in how to meet those needs, and we execute quickly. We try to be right, but we’re happy to be misunderstood, and when we fail, we fail fast.

We deploy specific mechanisms that turn ideas into meaningful innovations – these are processes and mental models that help turn good intentions into action and facilitate high-velocity decision-making and execution. 

Together with Lidr’s community, we will run a session leveraging one of these mechanisms: the Working Backwards Workshop, which aims to help diverse teams to define a new product, service, or experience, and then rapidly bring that solution to life and to market. This highly collaborative engagement is inspired by the same customer-centric methods used by Amazon to develop breakthrough innovations our customers love, such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, AWS, Amazon Echo and Alexa, and Amazon Go.

It will be a 100% practical workshop aimed at multidisciplinary teams (business, marketing, product, tech, sales…) working in digital products. As a team, you will learn the way of thinking and the methodology behind Amazon’s innovation, and apply it to your own products. Up to 5 members per company are allowed. You can split in 2 teams if you are more than 5.


  • Intro 
  • Discover the 4 basics of Amazon’s Culture of Innovation 
  • Start with the customer: Who the customers are? What are their needs?
  • Ideation exercise
  • What is the most important customer benefit?
  • Jumpstart your Press Release and FAQ to communicate your Innovation correctly to your customers and stakeholders.
  • Customer journey map
  • Lean Canvas 
  • Closing

On-site event: Oceanogràfic, Valencia – Spain. 

Only 40 seats are available, save yours and come with your team to fight for your Innovation


Start date
12/15/2021 10:00 am
End date
15/12/2021 4:00 pm
Terms and Conditions
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