Enterprise Agility: A step towards real agility

Technological disruption has changed the rules of the game of the society in which we live. The speed of change brought about by this disruption has put the way in which companies have been organized up to now on the ropes, with hierarchical structures where a few decide, many act as intermediaries and many others execute.

In this new context where uncertainty and diffuse scenarios prevail over predictable ones, it is necessary for companies to change the way they operate in order to acquire the adaptability, speed and continuous attention demanded by today's market.  

The Agile Organization or Enterprise Agility stands as the new paradigm of business organization, with the necessary ingredients to survive and succeed in today's environment. And more and more companies are joining this new trend.

This is why, on March 4th, we will analyze the conclusions of the Agile survey that Opinno launched in collaboration with Workday last year to measure the level of agile maturity of companies. 


We will be waiting you!

Start date
03/04/2021 4:30 pm
End date
04/03/2021 5:45 pm
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