Digital health and data analysis: towards the new normality of the health system

The health sector is in the midst of a digital revolution and the current crisis of the COVID has only accelerated the process.

Digitization in a health context obviously has strong implications for all stakeholders in the sector that impact directly on the patient, decisively influencing our health system and therefore generating a great impact on society.

As in any process of digital transformation there are barriers to be overcome, but in the framework of e-Health the complexity is accentuated due to the multitude of public and private actors and the inherent ethical, security and regulatory implications.

In this webinar, we are going to dialogue with different actors within the value chain about “the new normality” of the health ecosystem. We will focus on the impact of different trends in e-health, such as digital therapies, telemedicine or intensive data analysis, and we will analyze how they will contribute to improve our health system, while promoting new ways of working more agile and collaborative.

Guest experts:

  • Anabel León, Digital Innovation Manager at Bayer
  • Cesar Morcillo, Medical Director of Hospitales digital at Sanitas
  • Clara Cano,Head of Digital Transformation en Novartis
  • Gemma Estrada, Director Digital Health and Technology at Ferrer 
  • Josuè Sallent, Director of the foundation TIC Salut and board member of the European Health Telematics Association


The event will take place online through the link to the Zoom platform that you will receive in your email once you register. Thank you! 

Start date
06/04/2020 5:30 pm
End date
04/06/2020 6:30 pm
Terms and Conditions
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