Corporate-Academics Co-Innovation Global Festival

Gravitating to the Next Generation of Organization Innovation Strategy: Rethinking Partnership and New Approaches to Drive Real Business Values and Impacts.

Innovation is never a linear process. To yield a stream of internal improvements, new products and services, today’s corporates, academics and public institutions are continuing to experiment with different business models, partnership approaches and invest in innovative startups that are connecting with the new customer segments.

Yet, in some cases, all of that activity adds up to nothing more than “innovation theater“. At Corporate Disruptors Forum, our innovators community gather over three days of the event to navigate and answer some of the toughest questions toward organization innovation strategy with the goal in stimulating ideas and rethinking partnership and new approaches to real business results and impacts.

This Global Festival will gather over 400+ corporate innovation leaders, academics experts, investors, startup founders and other key business decision-makers to answer some of the toughest and most relevant issues facing corporate and social innovators globally.

Start date
11/15/2022 2:00 pm
End date
18/11/2022 5:30 pm
Terms and Conditions
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