BNEW Barcelona 2022

Barcelona New Economy Week – BNEW is a physical and digital B2B event that gathers unique events of the sectors of Logistics, Real Estate, Digital Industry, Ecommerce. Economic Zones, Mobility, Sustainability, Talent, Science & City. They all share a common denominator: New Economy.

BNEW is a different and unique event due to its hybrid nature, namely it is a physical event supported by a digital platform so that everyone can be part of it.

A customized (TAILOR MADE) event
An event with the highest HYGIENIC- SANITARY MEASURES

What does BNEW offer you?

The value of each of the unique BNEW events is based on three fundamental aspects: 

Knowledge: Develop yourself, expand your knowledge, solve doubts and anticipate the future. Get feedback from other experts in an unprecedented, agile and innovative format. You can’t be left behind!

Networking: Access a wide agenda of contacts, schedule meetings and get new digital contacts. Create productive relationships, optimizing time with the right target. Do not set limits to your business, we help you generate the maximum opportunities for your company.

Innovation and talent: The ideal platform to launch disruptive products and services. A space to discover each sectors’ latest trends and innovations. Now more than ever is the time to strengthen your competitive advantages.

Not to be missed.

Start date
10/03/2022 7:00 am
End date
06/10/2022 6:00 pm
Terms and Conditions
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