Time to say goodbye to sunshine filled days and relaxed summer vibes. But, saying hello to a full mail inbox and endless tasks lists doesn’t have to be all that stressful.

To make the transition easier, we have gathered several guidelines that you can implement to ensure an anxiety free re-incorporation that will you sane and happy.

Leaving everything organized before going on vacations will take your mind off of unfinished work, letting you enjoy your holidays. Always be positive, focus on the things that matter, on why you love your job and the friends you have that make your come back feel like a breeze. You can also try enrolling in new classes to sharpen your skills as well as to give you a purpose and a sense of satisfaction, making work feel more rewarding. 

Start from the smallest task and move up. We know that the first urge is to make up for lost time, because of this, we usually tend to dive into bigger more complex projects but, stop, you should give your brain a chance to get a grip and warm up. Our brains are wired to have positive reactions when seeing progress, no matter the size of the accomplishment. This is called the completion bias, where the human brain releases dopamine when items on a to-do list are completed. 

Spending time off also gives you a valuable opportunity to see your daily routine from a fresh perspective, making it the best time to change your old routine and build a new one with better work habits to be healthier and more productive. 

Furthermore, with a new season there are many events that can elevate your knowledge and networking. When attending events, your brand will be exposed to people who are in line with your industry. More and more people will know about your brand, its personality, company the products and services that you have to offer.

This September 18th, Madrid will offer the first and most complete innovation (InnovAPD). This is the perfect event to expand your knowledge with experts and learn the best ways to evolve and adapt in this fast pace world.