Novartis, the global leader in healthcare services, is on a mission to reinvent medicine by improving people's lives through innovation. 

The Innovation Wave

Photo: The Innovation Wave. Credit: Pexels

Novartis, the global leader in healthcare services, is on a mission to reinvent medicine by improving people's lives through innovation. With the aim of advancing the healthcare ecosystem's cultural transformation, the company has gone a step further in this direction by creating The Innovation Wave program.

It is a digital transformation movement designed to work together with healthcare professionals in a common direction by facilitating, through an inspiring and disruptive training program, that they themselves become the driving force behind this digital evolution.

"From the very beginning we embraced the task of launching The Innovation Wave as an exercise of trust and recognition on behalf of Novartis," says Marta Gonzalez, project manager at Opinno. "The idea was to launch this movement in a month and a half, managing the creation of content, the selection of top-level speakers and the application of agile methodologies throughout the process, including organizing a launch kick-off event."

The Innovation Wave was created with three objectives: to generate a sustained digitalization movement over time, to connect healthcare professionals within an innovative community, and to provide training and support in their digitalization and impact creation processes.

The initiative originated in Barcelona, where Opinno has been collaborating with Novartis since 2019, with three main phases being established: initial analysis, producing an inspiring event, and designing and managing an ongoing accompaniment program.

The initial analysis phase was key, bearing in mind that, to be effective, the program would have to be adapted to healthcare professionals' actual level of digitization and handling of tools, all of which are of recognized prestige. This consideration became even more important as we were targeting leaders of opinion. For this purpose, we designed a self-diagnosis survey that allowed us to determine each participant's starting point and to classify the participants into four profiles from the highest to the lowest digital level: Digital Gurus, Innovators, Surfers and Digital Observers.

At Opinno, we designed both the structure and content of the movement's opening event, focusing on innovation and transformation and customizing it according to predefined digitalization levels. The content would then be tailored to each attendee, according to their profile.

It was executed entirely digitally, combining semi-direct broadcasts from studios in Barcelona and Madrid with guests attending remotely. Attendees were able to enjoy two days of presentations from leading experts in the field on digital transformation and new healthcare sector applicable technologies.

After the event, a follow-up plan was designed with the objective of providing content continuity for those participants interested in deepening their knowledge. The content produced, which included more than 10 videos and interviews, 3 success stories and 45 downloadable materials, was carried out at three consecutive levels over time.

In order to facilitate its proper execution, 52 wave buddies were appointed; a group of Novartis employees who are in charge, together with Opinno, of leading, coordinating and accompanying participants in their digitization process.

We currently have 130 active participants involved in the accompaniment program and, based on the feedback we have received regarding the high level of satisfaction and involvement generated, we have prepared a report on the best practices and areas for improvement of the 2021 edition of the event.

Overall, the strengths included the application of agile methodologies, the work and involvement of Novartis leaders and the team spirit created by everyone. The report reviews the strengths and areas for improvement of the entire process, including the team, the content generated, and digital resources used, administrative processes, communication and workshops with wave buddies.

Pleased with the knowledge that 83% of the 250 attendees had their expectations met and that 70% would recommend the event, at Opinno we are proud of this collaboration which has allowed us to help improve people's lives through innovation.