Insights10 Flashes. State of Art of Corporate Innovation

10 Flashes. State of Art of Corporate Innovation

With this report, we intend to contribute to join efforts so that leaders of any organization continue to advance in their approaches, as more competitive, open and collaborative organizations in innovation.

"10 Flashes. State of Art of Corporate Innovation" was made to capture the state of the art of corporate innovation, analyzing and sharing the current situation and best practices of more than 100 companies globally.

Innovation is a path of constant change and full of successes and failures, so it is especially useful to know what has worked in other organizations. The idea is to draw inspiration from the best practices and failures of those who have been working the longest.

The main objectives of this report are: 

  • Expose the level of innovation maturity in large organizations of different sizes, sectors, origins and geographies
  • Identify actionable conclusions about the innovation behavior of corporations through a cross-sectional analysis of their maturity
  • Define in aggregate form the major challenges that companies face in their transformations towards innovation models, in order to generate discussion and conversation about potential solutions
  • Encourage learning for organizations and leaders who are just starting out on the innovation journey

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