InsightsThe drive for digital health

The drive for digital health

Genewin is an initiative whose aim is to propose from the Civil Society innovative ideas to the country to promote recovery at such a complex time

Genewin is an initiative promoted by Endeavor, Fundación Transforma España, Lanzadera, Telefónica Open Future, South Summit, Barcelona TechCity and Opinno with the objective: To propose innovative ideas from Civil Society to the country in order to promote recovery during such a complex time.

The specific objectives of the initiative include: 

  • To bring together +100 institutions from different sectors in a collaborative process.
  • To work on 6 major macro-themes with national impact

  • Generate +30 ideas for Spain's reactivation

  • To positively influence the stakeholders who can implement them, with special attention to the Spanish Government and the European Commission.

Discussions will revolve around the following 6 core themes, in accordance with the strategic priorities framed in the Next Generation EU pillars.

  • Digital health (first wave)
  • Energy Transition and Reindustrialization of the country (first wave)
  • Sustainable mobility and infrastructure (first wave)
  • Agriculture and primary sector (second wave)
  • Tourism (second wave)
  • Digitalization of the country (second wave)

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