InsightsIESE incorporates Opinno as case study

IESE incorporates Opinno as case study

Unlike packaged teaching in master classes, IESE requires students to put themselves in the place of high-level managers. How can I improve sales, lead people in multicultural environments, or design incentives that are effective in highly competitive situations? These are examples of first-person questions that students have to face.

A teacher-led debate, with the main objective of enriching the discussion, invites the widest variety of points of view. Learn by doing, this is how students are taught to think and act as managers.

The cases pose real problems that companies, in different sectors of activity, have had to face. For this active learning to work, cases need to be quality driven, scalable anywhere in the world, represent important general management dilemmas, and allow for new ideas or business models to be discussed in class.

Classic examples like Apple, Amazon, Adidas and Unilever to name a few, will soon be joined by Opinno.

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