NewsJuan Antonio Alcaraz renews his mandate as president of the AED, in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Association

Juan Antonio Alcaraz renews his mandate as president of the AED, in the year of the 25th anniversary of the Association

The General Assembly of Members Recommended today has now ratified its confidence in the CaixaBank business director to lead the AED (Spanish Association of Managers) for a period of four more, up to 2025.
    <李> The General Assembly of Partners Recommended today has ratified its confidence in the CaixaBank business director to lead the AED (Spanish Association of Directors) For a period of four more years, up to 2025. During its first mandate, the Association has experienced growth in both individual partners (19% more than in 2017), as in corporate partners, whose figure has increased by 53%.<李> Given the challenge of the pandemic, the association responded by 2020 with a six-axis program and offered all activities in digital format, with a participation of more than 30,000 managers.<李> In its second term, the president will continue to work in favor of the purpose of the AED: to help managers to be the best leaders, with a value proposition according to new challenges and opportunities.<李> join the Board of Directors: Rita Almela, Tommaso Canonici, Koro Castellano, Emma Fernández, Jesús García, Federico González Tejera, Marieta Jiménez, Israel Ruiz and Angel Sáenz de Cenzano.

    Barcelona, May 20, 2021.-In the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly held today, the AED partners (Spanish Association of Directors) have re-elected Juan Antonio Alcaraz as president for the next four years, until 2025, in which he will be his second consecutive mandate, and in thethat will continue to support the work of support for the Spanish leaders who have driven the front of the AED in recent years.The organization founded by Isidro Fainé in 1996 celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

    Bachelor of Economic and Business Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and Master in Business Management by IESE, Juan Antonio Alcaraz is General Business Director ofCaixaBak.Since 2007. Very recognized in the financial and business sector, Alcaraz is an expert in corporate operations financing processes and assessment of companies.

    AED response to the Covid-19 and Balance of the First Mandate

    During the taking of possession, Alcaraz has highlighted the work of the AED in these 25 years of history, with special mention in the last year, marked by the health crisis: "The arrival of the pandemic and restrictions on mobility andFace-class activity had a remarkable impact on the regular activity of the Association.We were pioneers in boosting activity on the Internet, with a quick adaptation to the digital environment.We transform the roles and responsibilities of all the team of AED professionals and we bet on developing more activities and new initiatives. "

    The President of the AED has also stressed that "as a result of the decisions adopted, a very significant increase in participation in activities has been achieved (more than 30,000 participants) and we have also achieved the social basis.In an environment of great uncertainty and difficulty, I am proud that our association will be mobilized as quickly and effectively to fulfill its commitment to be at the service of our collective and provide our partners from the necessary tools to mitigate uncertainty, putting at their disposalRelevant information for decision making and connecting one another to share concerns and best practices. "

    Among other outstanding initiatives during the pandemic, AED contributed decisively to raising 1.5 million euros for emergency respirators destined for the people most affected by the COVID-19.In addition, the AED circles were launched and, since then, more than 130 meetings have been held with 1,300 executives who have been able to share their experiences with respect to the pandemic in a telematics.Likewise, the Association continued on its programming through Online Webinars on the AED Live platform, which followed 20,000 managers in 2020.

    In his speech, Alcaraz has also made a balance of the great projects carried out at his first stage, focused mainly on three major objectives: the progressive and constant improvement of the supply of value at the service of the partners;The promotion of the Directive profession and the impulse of the social commitment of managers.

    During this first term, the association has experienced sustained growth.Specifically, the number of individual partners exceeds 2,500, 19% more than in 2017, when Alcaraz was named president.The number of corporate partners has increased by 53%.In addition, key projects have been consolidated as the program "of director to counselor", to promote good corporate governance;the Ethics Code of managers, which establishes the principles that must be guided by the action of any direction professional;o The "Women Lead Mentoring" project to boost female leadership in large companies in the country.

    Plan estratégico post-pandemia

    Alcaraz emphasizes that, although the worst of the health crisis has been left behind, "we have a great challenge in the economic, the business, the social and the environmental.Large challenges presented, simultaneously, great opportunities and great risks.As managers, we once again face the great responsibility of directing our companies and leaders to our teams in a deep transformation world. "

    For this, first, it is expected to respond to the needs of managers in the performance of their role through economic reactivation (European funds Next Generation and analysis of business and regulatory news), in addition to the studyOf the opportunities and risks to take into account in decision-making.

    Scanning, sustainability, business models, organization and people, diversity, good corporate governance or innovation, among others, are also some of the most relevant transformations facing companies, and where the AED will contribute its tools forHelp managers.

    Likewise, the Association will intensify its activity according to the new trends that are accelerating in the labor market and its implications for managers.In this line, changes that occur in the labor market will be permanently analyzed (new directive positions, booming competitions, etc.) through digital, face-to-face or reports and studies sessions.

    In addition, the accompaniment will be one of the constants of this period with the purpose of being close to the managers in the great moments of professional transition, both at the beginning and at the end of the race (the steps of manager to manager andDirective to counselor).Permanent support will also come from the hand of specific initiatives such as mentoring methodologies that help managers who are in situations of transition or difficulty and wishing to progress in their career.

    Composition of the new Board of Directors of the AED

    Juan Antonio Alcaraz has incorporated new components to the board of directors who from today takes the controls of the AED: Rita Almela,Tommaso canonici,Koro Castellano, Emma Fernández, Jesús García, Federico González Tejera, Marieta Jiménez, Israel Ruiz and Angel Sáenz de Cenzano.

    About EAD

    The AED (Spanish Association of Directors), created 25 years ago, aims for the professional development of people who have the responsibility to lead organizations and contribute to the progress of the whole society.For this, it promotes initiatives and activities that promote excellence, diversity and ethics and make focus on the sustainability of companies, young talent and social agenda.

    The AED has more than 2,500 partners and partners, of which more than 60% occupy the maximum responsibility for management in companies where they play their work.In addition, more than fifty leading companies from different sectors and areas of activity support the work of the Association as corporate partners.Together, its members direct companies that represent more than 15% of the national GDP.

    AED also carries out extensive research work for the development of the Directive profession, through different working groups.AED is Advisory Entity of the UN Economic and Social Council