NewsWe pioneered a new digital marketing strategy

We pioneered a new digital marketing strategy

The world is experiencing an increasingly accelerated change where technology, innovation, agility, and communication are key to the survival and competitiveness of companies.

When was the last time you used a phone book to contact a company? When was the last time you bought a newspaper or sent a letter? Like technology, marketing has evolved very fast in recent decades, where communication schemes evolve while modifying the behavior of consumers or users.

Similar to other areas in an organization, technology within marketing has favored the emergence of new channels that provide a greater scope and expand the different possibilities of content transmission according to the life cycle of the client and the product.

That is why Opinno proposed the design, implementation, and support of a digital marketing strategy for a major plastics company in Spain.

The objectives of this project were: First, Promote sales through the optimization of digital channels, defining the appropriate strategy for the positioning of the brand both in own media and in the means of payment.

Second, Implement the first content cycle for each digital medium, in order to adjust the strategy and monitor the follow-up process so that it is maintained over time.

Third, Transmit knowledge to the team in charge of the marketing of the company, the process of implementing the strategy for each of the media that will be part of the digital marketing strategy.