MIT Technology Review - Innovators Under 35 LATAM- Live Chat

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In times of pandemic, remote education became the only option to keep the educational process rolling. 

However, pre-existing methodologies do not always manage to adapt to the new reality, much less take advantage of the new technologies. 

In the next Live Chat we will talk about the trends in the education sector that show the end of an era and mark the need to rethink the way we teach and learn.


Rebeca Hwang -Cofounder Kalei Ventures

Diana Medina - Founding Partner alaU

Andrea Goldin-Leader de Mate Marote



Patricio Bichara- CEO Collective Academy


Rebeca Hwang

Cofundadora de Kalei Ventures

Diana Medina

Cofundadora alaU

Andrea Goldin

Líder de Mate Marote

Patricio Bichara

CEO Collective Academy