Stinson Beach and Muir Woods

This event

As a member of the Spanish delegation of Dreamforce, in this registration platform, you can get more information about the activity to be held on Sunday October 2. 

The transfer will take place from the Fairmont Hotel at 10.00h

The experience in San Francisco will begin at 10:30 am 

The group will be divided according to the vehicle chosen by each member.

To participate, choose your means of transport (motorbike, car or bus). Please register before September 16th to ensure your choice of motorbike or car.

There is a limited number of vehicles for each option and they will be assigned to members of the delegation in order of registration. 


10:30-14:30 - Trip to Stinson Beach and Muir Woods 

14:30-17:00 - BBQ at Presidio Clubhouse 

The first part of the tour starts in downtown San Francisco and passes by the famous Golden Gate Bridge, to continue through the mountains and cliffs overlooking the Pacific in California until the arrival at Stinson Beach.

After a short break, the second part of the trip continues to Muir Woods, where the whole group will visit the Redwoods Park and hike through the forest. 

Afterwards, we will head back to San Francisco to enjoy an outdoor barbecue.

Vehicle options: 

Individual bikes (20): if you wish to make the trip by bike you need a valid type A driving license and experience driving on the road. All participants will be insured during the entire activity, and will receive the vehicle, a helmet and a jacket.

Bus: if you want to go by bus with the rest of the delegation, you do not have to provide any additional information but if you register, it will be the default means of transportation for the activity

Please go to the top of this page to register  

Thank you very much and we hope you enjoy the activities!

The organizing team