Co-creating solutions to today's foundation challenges

This event

A theoretical-practical session, in which you will have the opportunity to listen and share with other foundations how you have given/provide solutions to the current challenges you face.

The event will have a part of mini-presentations in which success stories will be shared and a more practical part in which we will work in teams on the 3 prioritized challenges of the following 5: 

  • Strategic challenges: how could we prepare for the future and structure our organizations to provide agile responses in this new digital paradigm? 
  • Economic challenges: how could we rely on new financing models and tools to be more solvent and sustainable?
  • Internal challenges: how could we improve talent management and optimize our resources to be more efficient? 
  • Collaborative challenges: how could we improve the relationship between ecosystem players and our partner management to generate a greater impact together?
  • Communication challenges: how could we improve internal and external communication channels to give greater visibility to our impact and differentiation? 

Expert Guests:

  • Mohamed El Amrani, Coordinator of social innovation and communication projects- Suara CooperativaPresident - Azahara ONG 
  • Carmen López, Digital Project Manager and Innovation Advocate - Fundación Telefónica 
  • Sabina Lobato, Directora de Formación, Empleo, Operaciones y Transformación - Fundación Once
  • María Cruz-Conde, Co-founder - Open Value Foundation
  • María Polo,Co-director - Fundación Celera

Stay tuned to our social platforms, we will announce the rest of the speakers in the coming weeks. 

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Mohamed El Amrani

Coordinador de proyectos de innovación social y comunicación - Suara Cooperativa & Presidente - Azahara ONG

Carmen López

Digital Project Manager and Innovation Advocate - Fundación Telefónica

Sabina Lobato

Directora de Formación, Empleo, Operaciones y Transformación - Fundación Once

María Cruz-Conde

Co-directora - Open Value Foundation

Maria Polo

Directora - Fundación Celera