InsightsHow to design communities that work for the prosperity of their inhabitants

How to design communities that work for the prosperity of their inhabitants

What innovation districts are and why they should serve as a model for the design of any modern city. Strategic planning and urban area design is possible. The great challenge is to make the community that lives there a better and better quality of life, from the economic and the human. Is there any concrete example of these urban areas? It does exist.

These are Innovation Districts: geographical demarcations, usually within cities, where most of its inhabitants work in knowledge-intensive enterprises and other related institutions (such as academic centers and entities that promote and support innovation as incubators and accelerators). But the great differential is that these communities, in addition to generating new sources of work, also ensure the balanced distribution of prosperity, the promotion of personal growth as the foundation of a better society.

With the goal of knowing and reproducing this model so beneficial to any community that seeks the prosperity of its citizens, from the Opinno Research Center and Aretian, we have great efforts to build a detailed report to learn about the characteristics that build a healthy and strong Innovation District. To do this, we collect and analyze valuable information from the 50 districts of the United States and present it in the following report: ATLAS OF INNOVATION DISTRICTS