Restart: Businesses, organizations, leaders and people


A new context, unexpected and global, that challenges our ways of being and doing business.

The scenarios of before will probably never be the same. Past experience would no longer be a
sufficiently reliable predictor for present and future scenarios.

This would then be the beginning of a cycle of transformation, which opens up infinite opportunities to rewrite a new organizational culture:

  • Attuned to the values of the common good and genuinely empathetic to the needs of its customers
  • Consistent in delivering valued and meaningful service experiences
  • Facilitating a healthier, more agile, flexible and productive work environment.

Guest experts to be confirmed

Day: 22, 23 y 24 of July

Time: 9:30h (Chile) - 15:30h (Spain)

Presentations by IE - Proqualitas and Opinno with concrete experiences in Re-start.

Global character, online methodology, free event.



Profesor IO

Professor IO is an expert in open innovation with experience on innovation in design, development, business, marketing, software, growth, strategic planning, economics, finance and multiple other areas.

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