The recent outbreak of COVID-19, better known as coronavirus, has led to an unexpected situation. This unexpected situation is one of the infinite situations that can generate instability and organizational risks.

This global emergency can become an opportunity to reinvent ways of working, moving from one-off initiatives such as homeworking, to a comprehensive remote work model, where we can imagine, even in the not so distant future, companies without centralised offices and with a network of global and interconnected workers.


In this transition, the adoption of a scalable solution that does not put the company's productivity at risk is essential to successfully overcome this crisis. The implementation of remote working, together with the adoption of agile work methodologies, is positioning itself as the best alternative for organizations to take this step.

Even though this solution is not new, most organizations resist its adoption. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain only 27% of companies consider this working method.

For this reason, from Opinno we share with our ecosystem a practical guide to our delocalized work model, which aims to go beyond a methodological guide, offering a proposal of roles, tools, and recommendations based on our experience working internally in our offices as well as with our network of partners and customers.



This work was developed by Opinno, with the contribution of: 

  • Daniel Medina Director de Opinno Ideas: Strategy, Design and Transformation.
  • Eduardo Lorite Strategy and Innovation Senior Consultant at Opinno.  
  • Alejandro E. Rebolledo Strategy and Innovation Senior Consultant at Opinno.
  • Mariana M. Medina Strategy and Innovation Senior Consultant at Opinno.
  • Laia I. Rodríguez Strategy and Innovation Senior Consultant at Opinno.
  • Diego Díaz Strategy and Innovation Senior Consultant at Opinno.
  • Lucía López Strategy and Innovation Senior Consultant at Opinno.
  • Lucía Gutiérrez Graphic Designer at Opinno.

Special thanks to all the research, writing and design team at Opinno who contributed to the creation of this document.

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