Our Values

We have built a real values-driven organization. Our values Shine, Dare, Master, Unite, Care and Impact are present in all our work, from our recruiting interviews, to our team evaluations, to how we interact with our clients. We believe that having a strong culture that is perceived inside and outside the company is the best way to create a space where our team, our clients, our partners can feel comfortable. 













Shine: We are visionaries. We think big. We are entrepreneurs. We have dreams and we have the vocation and determination to fulfill them. We are autonomous in our work. An Opinno consultant can execute his work without supervision, demanding the help of his colleagues when necessary.

Dare: We are inventors and creative, we create new and original solutions. We are curious. We always want to learn and explore, We always give more than we're asked for. We go further.

Master: We're excellent. We like to work with dedication and care for details. We love precision. We're artisans. We like to get our hands dirty, work on what we touch, solve problems, make solutions. We are co-responsible and committed in our work, with our colleagues and our clients. We are resilient and work hard. 

Unite: We are empathic with our partners and customers, we generate trust and closeness.We're teachers. We like to teach, to share our knowledge. We like teaching. We are one. We like to contribute to the group's goal, above the individual.

Care: We have integrity. We take care that our work and our personal and group attitude are in accordance with our values. We are honest. We communicate with transparency to our colleagues and our clients the problems, limitations and conflicts we encounter. We are sustainable. We take into account the final impact on people, society and the planet generated by our work.

Impact: We make the world evolve. We're here to make a difference and that gives our lives meaning.

Opinno Way

The Opinno Way contains the essence of what we live for and how we work. Everything from handling clients relations, to executing consulting engagements, training our team and even how we innovate is defined in this book. We train and certify all our consultants in the Opinno Way methodology to ensure that, no matter where we deliver, we always meet the highest standards of quality and we make our values present.

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