Gmp horizon

We are looking for innovative companies and start-ups with which to collaborate in order to implement solutions which respond to Gmp's challenges in the real estate sector and offer added value to its customers.

What is Gmp?

Gmp is a real estate group which, since it was founded in 1979, has maintained a firm focus on assets, specialising in the segment of high-quality offices and business parks in Madrid.

It currently owns 22 office buildings with a surface area of over 450,000 m² and more than 4,600 parking spaces, in addition to another 51,000 m² of land for future development.

Specialization, innovation, focus on people and in-depth knowledge of the segment in which it operates have enabled Gmp to consolidate its position as one of the leading real estate companies in Spain.

What is Gmp horizon?

Innovation has been part of Gmp's DNA since its origins as a strategic value aimed at anticipating market trends and offering value-added services to corporate clients and the end users of their buildings.

In line with this strategic vision, Gmp has launched Gmp horizon: the open innovation program which seeks to collaborate with innovative companies and start-ups in the development of pilots to implement the solutions which respond to the Company's challenges and generate an impact on its business and customers.

Do you want to know what we offer to the selected candidates? Do you have an innovative solution that can transform the real state sector?

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