The word impact is of great importance to Opinno. “We generate impact through innovation” has always been our company mission statement. We are interested in innovation that helps to improve things. For everyone. That is why we have created an Impact Model, which we use to evaluate our initiatives and assess the impact each of our projects has. 

B Corp

All our work is driven by the maxim of generating positive impact. We have been acknowledged as one of the best companies for the world: We are a BCorp! 

At Opinno, we generate impact through innovation and being part of this community certifies our social and environmental commitments, the absence of a wage gap, parity in all our positions and governance policies that maximize our ecosystem's value. In addition, to be a BCorp means joining an active community of people and companies committed to sharing best practices, lessons learned and business and business transformation opportunities. 


  • To generate and share knowledgeOne of the greatest contributions Opinno can make is to share our experience. We develop hundreds of innovation projects in all industry sectors across the world every year. This helps us to identify trends, opportunities, or threats that we like to share openly with our ecosystem. These findings could help an entrepreneur define their next venture, or a government in designing policies and programs that promote development through science, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Our knowledge exchange and dissemination activity is carried out through the Opinno Research Institute, a non-profit initiative that publishes Insights, a set of research articles, interviews with world leaders and produces reports and studies autonomously and also in collaboration with the world's leading business schools, universities and think tanks.  
  • To scout and support disruptive talent. At Opinno we believe that talent is the main tool for progress. Although all human beings are born with a similar intellectual capacity, at Opinno we believe that there are some special people. The technologies and scientific breakthroughs on which the current and future society is based rest on the shoulders of very few innovators and scientists, who discovered the vaccines that cure us, the electronic tools we use every day or the vehicles that transport us. Our mission is to help find that “special talent” and foster its development, so that it has the best possible impact. At Opinnowe channel this line of work through two collaborationsMIT Innovators Under 35 and Fundación Celera. The first is a Massachusetts Institute of Technology award for the most disruptive scientific-entrepreneurial talent, which creates new technologies and launches them to the market, usually helping to solve difficult problems and impacting millions of people. The second is a talent accelerator that annually seeks out and supports 10 young people with very diverse profiles. 
  • To help governments and institutions to use innovation as a catalyst for development. We believe that one of the best ways to create a better world for everyone is to help governments and institutions to better understand the challenges and opportunities that science, innovation, and entrepreneurship offer us. Through this approach we help to establish a dialogue between the business, education, scientific and entrepreneurial sectors, and public institutions to help create initiatives, programs and policies that foster scientific production, the creation and use of new technologies and the promotion of entrepreneurial talent. Our main activity in this area is called Genewin, which is a forum for sectorial debate, where the main agents of each industry come together to share and translate into a methodical analysis of their challenges and opportunities. These analyses are shared with the public administration and often serve to define public sector initiatives to support the different sectors of the economy. 

Opinno is in the process of becoming B Corp certified and has been a member of the 1% Pledge movement since 2018.  

Opinno Impact Model

At Opinno we have created and used this model to evaluate our strategic initiatives, but also to measure how our work on each project generates positive impact for all stakeholders involved. The Opinno Impact Model has 8 different legs.    

  • To adopt good governance practices: transparency, traceability, security, privacy, diversity, inclusion, compliance, merit and commitment.
  • The ethical use of technology 
  • To improve people’s experience in the value chain (suppliers, employees, partners): Flexibility, remote and hybrid work, use of collaboration tools, personal and professional development, balance.
  • Customer care: Digital experiences by default, contactless economy, transmitting impact culture.
  • To create positive impact for investors and creditors
  • Governments and civil society 
  • To improve environmental footprint  
  • To adopt an impact mindset  
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