Opinno is a global innovation consultancy firm founded in Silicon Valley in 2008. Our mission is to deliver impact through innovation.

What we do 

We are the meeting point for innovation, transformation, and technology. Our service model helps our clients to monitor and understand the market, to transform the organization to better adapt to an ever-changing world and become an entrepreneurial organization.  

  • Open Innovation. Understanding the market is the starting point for innovation. Our open innovation group provides our clients with market intelligence, helps create innovation ecosystems and collaborates with the startup ecosystem.
  • Transformation. We help transform organizations, building an innovative vision of the future, adapting the culture to the new rules of the digital economy game and reinventing processes and ways of working to help our clients become agile, more entrepreneurial, and closer to their customers.
  • Venture Building. The biggest challenge for organizations is to adapt their value proposition to a changing world. We support our clients by designing and building new products, prototypes, or even entire businesses. 

Opinno has a technology division that supports our projects and helps us to roll out new products, services, and complete platforms at speed.

  • Technology Solutions. Opinno's Technology Solutions team is our engineering branch. From here, we design architectures, deploy new platforms and tools such as AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, or Workday.

How we do it

Consulting is a very old business, with a very rigid model of operation. The digital economy and the web3 movement are creating the basis for a new economy of creators. At Opinno we have developed a model that we call hybrid consulting that unites the traditional model with the most revolutionary vision of collaborative platforms.

Our projects are always led by a project manager who is 100% dedicated to Opinno. Our project managers also go through a certification process, which we call Opinno Way, which ensures that they all meet the same levels of quality and compliance and that they are proficient with our proprietary tools such as information and data banks, collaboration tools and can make the most of our network and strategic alliances

Our great strength is in the back end of our projects. Thanks to our community structure, Opinno has thousands of experts around the world, specialized in different sector areas and technologies. This network makes us tremendously capable of scaling and at the same time able to build specialized teams for any customer challenge.

Why we do it

At Opinno, we keep our mission in mind in everything we do. We are driven to have a positive impact on our clients, and on the world at large. We have developed our own vision of what impact means to us, an impact estimation model that we use to make strategic decisions and to evaluate our work for clients, before and after each project.

Opinno is also a company guided by culture and values. Our values represent who we are and how we behave.

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